Why Is My Bread Dry and Crumbly

dry and crumbly bread

Why Is My Bread Dry and Crumbly? Whether you make homemade bread by hand or with a breadmaking machine, there is both an art and a science attached to the process. The truth is that it can take a few tries to get your homemade bread to look and taste just right. Not only do … Read more

Delicious Banana Bread Recipes for your Bread Machine

banana bread

These are some of the best Banana Bread Recipes for Your Bread Machine What is a good banana bread recipe? The one that helps you prepare a nice and moist loaf that is soft and sweet? The one that allows you to experiment with flavors? The one that is perfect for dessert? There are so … Read more

Best Gluten Free Bread Machine Recipes

Before we talk about gluten-free bread machine recipes, let’s discuss why you should really care about it. Many people avoid using bread as it is fattening, and many nutritionists advise you to limit your intake as well. However, everything is just better with bread, so it gets hard to change your age-old habits. What are … Read more

Holiday Breads you can bake in a bread maker

Do you love the holidays? Does Christmas time remind you of freshly baked bread baked by your parents or grandparents? If so, then you’ll love this article. I’ve been able to live and celebrate the holidays in different parts of the world. So here I’ve combined some of my favorite holiday recipes in one convenient … Read more

What Can You Make in a Bread Maker?

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What is it that you can make in a bread machine? Our motto is to make cooking and the use of kitchen utensils less complicated and more fun. Our wish is to make cooking a fun and leisure activity for you. To make your cooking experience fun and exciting, we review not only a wide … Read more

Best White Bread Recipe in the World

Best White Bread Recipe in the World Nothing beats the smell of freshly baked bread wafting from your kitchen. That’s why today, we are going to share with you some wonderful white and traditional bread recipes which you can try out on your own bread machine. The recipes are easy to follow and the ingredients … Read more

Best Sweet Bread Recipes for your Bread Machine

If you think that sliced bread from your local bakery tastes good, then you should try out our sweet bread machine recipe which is easy to follow even for beginners. Plus it takes minutes to prepare all the ingredients and let your awesome bread machine do all the work while you wait. You can also … Read more

Gluten-Free bread machine recipes with all-purpose flour

Even for those on a gluten-free diet, it is possible to bake a fantastic bread. These are all gluten-Free bread machine recipes with all-purpose flour that you can easily follow and make your own bread at home. And, with these recipes, you can use any bread machine. Easy basic vegan bread This vegan bread is … Read more

How to make bread with just flour and water

Waking up to the fantastic smell of fresh bread is such a great pleasure. You can achieve this by only using flour and water, and a great bread machine. This article is featuring some great recipe with the most basic duo of ingredients. The recipes are simple, cheap and very easy to make at your … Read more

Gluten Free Bread Recipe for Bread Machine without Xanthan Gum

Bread is usually associated with gluten, and this is one of the reasons why some people avoid it. Most people tend to use Xanthan gum as the gluten replacer, but we do not use it in these recipes. They are easy to make, very delicious, and you will love them. There are many fantastic gluten-free … Read more