Linen vs Cotton Bread Bag

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If you make bread from scratch or buy it at your local farmers’ market, you already know that a good bread bag is perfect for storing fresh bread. While plastic bags are acceptable for the sandwich bread you buy at the store, homemade breads with crusts will get soggy if you use these types of … Read more

Best Proofing Baskets for Sourdough Bread Making

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When you’re making certain types of bread — for instance, sourdough bread — a proofing basket is a common piece of equipment. A proofing basket, or rising basket, is a basket used for the final proofing or rising phase the bread has to go through before it’s placed in the oven. Proofing baskets are made … Read more

Best Bread Boxes

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Best Bread Boxes – Complete Reviews with Comparisons To keep your bread and other baked goods fresh, you need somewhere to properly store them. This bread box should also keep the humidity away from your food and provide ample storage space for all your favorite baked goods. We have provided a list of the best … Read more

Best Bread Crumbs: Top Recommendations for 2021

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As a food enthusiast, you have probably come across at least a few topics discussing whether deep frying can make even the cheapest food taste great. Do you know what ingredient is universal for popular dishes, such as mozzarella balls, fish sticks, and chicken parmigiana? Bread crumbs! With the food market evolving, we weren’t surprised … Read more

Best Bread Knives: 2021’s Best Picks

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If you’re interested in bread-baking or having a fully decked-out kitchen with all the best tools and appliances, then you’ll want to look for an everyday bread knife at some point. You could get a basic one that’s cheap and easy to find, or you could look into getting one with a more prominent design … Read more

Best Bread Mix For Your Bread Machine

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Most people love homemade bread. It fills the kitchen with warm smells of fresh bread, and it tastes buttery and delicious. You can use a bread machine to make bread at home. Bread mixes will have dry ingredients that you can quickly put together to use in your bread machine. Take a look at six … Read more