Why Is My Bread Pale? ( 5 Possible Reasons Why )

pale bread

There is nothing quite like biting into a piece of warm, homemade bread. It is especially satisfying when it is a loaf you baked on your own. Unfortunately, your bread may not always come out perfectly, especially if you’re a novice baker. You can encounter a variety of issues including raw or undercooked dough, burnt … Read more

Why Are There Holes in Bread?

bread holes

There are many different kinds of bread, and it can be rewarding to make it yourself. People expect a few minor imperfections when the loaves are baked, but sometimes there are holes that take away half of a slice. This makes it difficult to eat sandwiches or spreads on the bread. Continue reading to learn … Read more

How Many Slices in a Loaf of Bread?

slice of bread

In a loaf of store-bought sandwich bread, there are around 24 slices; some might have a little less. One thing to know about these slices is that the count does include the ends, also called the heels. Most people don’t count them as slices because they don’t typically use them. However, they are great for … Read more

Ascorbic Acid Bread Preservative: Is it Good?

Ascorbic Acid Bread Preservative

Ascorbic acid is known by many people as vitamin C. There are many known benefits for people who take vitamin C, but they want to know if it has the same benefits when it is used in baking bread. Ascorbic acid is often used by commercial businesses in bread making. While vitamin C is good … Read more

How To Store Homemade Bread Without Plastic?

store bread without plastic

Plastic is commonly used to store different foods, including bread bought at the store. However, many people want to buy and store bread without plastic. It is better for the bread and for the environment. Storing bread in plastic locks moisture in, which encourages the growth of mold. It also makes bread chewy. However, when … Read more

Can You Autolyse Overnight?

Sourdough Autolyse

While using the technique known as autolyse isn’t recommended for all types of bread, it is something that can make your bread easier to work with, easier to get into the right shape, and give it better rise, texture, and, of course, flavor. And the process itself is simple. All you have to do is … Read more

Can You Let Bread Rise Three Times?

bread rise 3 times

The dough can be one of the most difficult things to work on , especially for those who have never used it before. One thing that makes it so difficult to handle is there are so many little mistakes you can make that will destroy all of your hard work. When working with any kind … Read more

Best Oil For Bread Making

oil for bread

Making homemade bread is a lot of fun, but you have to have the right ingredients for it to come out right. One of the most important bread-making ingredients is the oil, and believe it or not, not just any oil will do most of the time. To determine what the best oil is for … Read more

Artisan Bread vs Regular Bread: Which Is Healthier?

Artisan bread vs regular bread

Most people have heard of artisan bread, but what exactly is this type of bread? And is it truly healthier than a regular loaf of bread? Some of the answers vary depending on who you ask, yet there is still some consensus among some of the answers. Artisan bread is usually defined as bread that … Read more