Sourdough Bread vs. Ciabatta Bread: What Is the Difference?

Sourdough Bread vs Ciabatta Bread

Sourdough Bread vs. Ciabatta Bread: What Is the Difference? When it comes to bread, a lot of people don’t realize just how many different bread types there are. Of course, most people are used to seeing their standard white bread and sometimes whole-wheat bread in stores, and they may consider sandwich bread as well, but … Read more

Sourdough Rising Problems: A Detailed Guide

Sourdough Rising Problems

Sourdough Rising Problems: A Detailed Guide Bread that doesn’t rise is one of the most common problems for sourdough bread makers but do not dread.This guide is going to help you fix the problem. Just the Basics Instead of adding a store-bought yeast to sourdough bread, make a “starter” out of flour and water. Let … Read more

Why Is My Bread Dry and Crumbly

dry and crumbly bread

Why Is My Bread Dry and Crumbly? Whether you make homemade bread by hand or with a breadmaking machine, there is both an art and a science attached to the process. The truth is that it can take a few tries to get your homemade bread to look and taste just right. Not only do … Read more

Bread Flour vs All-Purpose Flour – Which is better?

If you are new with a bread machine, then you must be gearing into the process of choosing which bread to make and what ingredients to choose. While there are many fancy ones out there, most people are confused between bread flour and all-purpose flour. What is the distinction between them? Why would you need … Read more

Bread Baking Troubleshooting – Bread That Doesn’t Rise

When baking your bread imagine spending a good amount of your time waiting for the perfect bread, only to see your work bear no fruit. Disappointing, isn’t it? Bread Baking Troubleshooting Usually, even the best of the best guides do not let you on the mishaps that can happen during the baking process. Sometimes it’s … Read more

Is it cheaper to bake your own bread?

The obvious reason for baking your bread is to cut down on the cost of buying bread daily from the store. But again, baking requires you to have the skill to make delicious bread and perfecting this skill might take some time. It improves with practice and routine. In this article, we will break down … Read more