Can You Refreeze Bagels?

Can You Refreeze Bagels

They’re great with smoked salmon, dill, and cream cheese, they’re delicious with cheese, bacon, egg, and sausage, they go incredibly well with chicken, marinara, and melted mozzarella cheese, and they’re really bought to life when toasted. Yep, we are of course talking about bagels. There are plenty of baked goods for us to choose from … Read more

What Does Milk Do to Bread Dough?

what does milk do to bread dough

People say that ‘carbs are life’ and when you think of carbs, it’s impossible not to think of bread. Bread makes all of life’s pains feel better. Bread doesn’t judge us, bread won’t shout at us, bread won’t betray us, it will simply continue to taste delicious, light, soft, fluffy, and heavenly, especially served warm … Read more

Can Pizza Yeast Be Used for Bread?

Can Pizza Yeast Be Used for Bread

Bread may be one of the world’s oldest staple foods, and while there are many simple bread recipes out there, there are also plenty of complex bread recipes which can be adapted in a whole host of different ways. From, the spices and seasonings you use, to the type of oil used and the amount … Read more

Is Sourdough Bread Low Carb?

Is Sourdough Bread Low Carb

Sourdough bread is essentially made with two ingredients – flour and water. Some people add a little salt as well, but the point is that making sourdough bread requires a very simple recipe that anyone can follow. Sourdough bread is yummy and chewy, but if you’re a vegan or on a keto diet, you might … Read more

Can I Bake Dough Straight From the Fridge?

Can I Bake Dough Straight From the Fridge

When you make homemade bread, you already know that you have to follow the directions to the letter if you want it to come out perfect. But sometimes, people who make bread like to put the dough in the refrigerator for a while before starting to bake. Why? It could be because they don’t have … Read more

How Can I Make My Bread Brown? Five Simple Tips

How Can I Make My Bread Brown

There’s nothing quite like homemade bread, but it isn’t just the taste that makes homemade bread so popular. It is also the way it looks, and it is always much more aesthetically appealing when it has a golden-brown crust. When bread has a nice brown crust, it’s difficult not to jump right in and cut … Read more

Does Baking Bread Require Eggs?

Does Baking Bread Require Eggs

Baking bread is a fun and tasty pastime for millions of people, and there’s little wonder why. Homemade bread is fairly easy to make and comes in so many flavors that it truly offers something for everyone. While eggs are an important ingredient in numerous types of bread, many other breads require no eggs at … Read more

How Many Slices of Bread Are in a Bagel?

How Many Slices of Bread Are in a Bagel

Bagels are undoubtedly one of most people’s favorite foods, and what’s not to love about them? They have crispy chewing crusts and light fluffy insides, and they come in enough flavors to satisfy everyone. But since a bagel is made out of yeast and dough, some people wonder how it compares to slices of bread … Read more

Can Bagels Last Two Weeks?

Can Bagels Last Two Weeks

There’s nothing quite as good as a fresh bagel, and even store-bought bagels can be good if you buy the right brand. People love to enjoy bagels for a long time, but the truth is that bagels rarely last more than one week, and having them last two weeks without going bad is nearly impossible. … Read more

Bread Dough vs Pizza Dough: Five Differences

Bread Dough vs Pizza Dough

Both bread dough and pizza dough involve the use of flour, yeast, baking soda or baking powder, sugar, and salt. However, there are still many ways in which the two leavened doughs vary. This article will cover five major differences between pizza and bread dough, and it will also go over whether you can swap … Read more