5 Best Bread Cutting Board

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One of the most important items in your kitchen is a quality cutting board. If you bake bread at home, having a good bread cutting board is important, and they often include a bread crumb tray to catch the crumbs. Continue reading to learn what to look for in the best bread cutting boards and our top five picks.

What to Look for in the Best Bread Cutting Board?

When you are looking for the best bread cutting boards, there are a few features that they have in common, including the following:

1. Material

You want your bread cutting board to be made of wood. You can choose bamboo or hardwood, but it should definitely be a form of wood. Wood is easier on your knife blades, and it is less likely to warp over time. Knives are built to be tough, so they are strong and durable. They need to be used with a material that is dense and still has some give.
Wood is hard yet porous, and it can stand up to constant use of a knife. It has self-healing properties where the grains and fibers close back together after they are pierced. Wood is also a beautiful material, so it looks great in your kitchen.

2. Size

The bread cutting board needs to be large enough for your loaf of bread. If you plan to bake large sourdough loaves, a small cutting board won’t be big enough. You will want a larger rectangular cutting board so that you can make different sized loaves and always be able to cut it.

3. Design

You also need to consider the design. The biggest factor is the crumbs that you get when you cut your bread. You will want to choose a cutting board with a crumb tray, which makes it easy to slice your bread and dispose of the crumbs.

Five Best Bread Cutting Boards

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RoyalHouse Large Bamboo Bread Cutting Board with Crumb Tray

ROYALHOUSE Large Bamboo Bread Cutting Board with Crumb Tray
  • ECO-FRIENDLY CRUMB CATCHER CUTTING BOARD – 1 natural bamboo crumb catcher/tray to cut homemade bread, and others.. This material has high-grade moisture and heat absorption properties. The nature of bamboo makes our bread cutting board perfect for kitchen and countertop, easy to use for serving.
  • ATTRACTIVE DESIGN! Being made from just the most elevated nature of premium natural bamboo, this cutting board is relatively unbreakable! No breaks or tiny fibers on the food. it is a very good deal. We provide you with a good value for the 2 Optional use cutting and serving different special customs for bamboo cutting boards.
  • ELEGANTLY DESIGN EASY TO USE – our bread cutting board serving try is for use at home inside or outside for nice serving. To clean it, hand-wash with hot soapy water and a cleaning cloth immediately after use. Wipe with a dry cloth to dry.
  • IDEAL GIFT FOR ALL OCCASIONS – the unique and creative design makes our perfect for birthdays, weddings, holidays, and housewarming. You can use it as many times as you want to serve your favorite Bread cutting Board.
  • BAMBOO STURDY AND STAIN : Safe and Simple Support - The characteristic bamboo material doesn't recolor and lose its quality from dishes, nourishment, cleansers, and water. You can protect your bamboo cutting board kitchen with oil to look decent and delightful on the ledge.

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This bread cutting board is eco-friendly and made of natural bamboo. It has moisture- and heat-absorption properties that make it perfect for cutting and serving your bread. The premium bamboo wood is attractive and durable; it is nearly impossible to break it. You can use it to cut and serve your bread.
The cutting board has a hidden crumb tray underneath. It is easy to clean; you can hand wash it with soapy water and a cleaning cloth. Make sure that you dry it right away. It is simple, elegant, sturdy, and functional, and it will make your life easier when you need to cut or serve your bread.


Is attractive and durable
Has crumb tray hidden underneath
Is made with bamboo
Can be used for cutting and serving
Is affordable


The bottom tray is made of MDF

Danesco Bamboo Bread Cutting Board with Crumb Catcher

Danesco Bamboo Bread Cutting Board with Crumb Catcher, 15 by 9-Inch,Brown
  • Bamboo is a renewable resource
  • Board is 15" x 9"
  • Board has a removable crumb catcher
  • We recommend hand washing this product
  • Works for cutting and serving

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The Danesco bread cutting board is made of bamboo, and it is a renewable resource. It measures 15” by 9”, and it has a removable crumb catcher. The slatted surface on the top lifts off the tray, and you can simply dump the crumbs in the trash. Some people use it to collect the bread crumbs for other recipes that use them.
This bread cutting board can be used as a serving tray at the table. You do need to hand wash it with warm soapy water, and it should be dried right away. It is large enough to hold almost any loaf of bread.


Used as a cutting board and a serving tray
Allows crumbs to fall into the tray below
Is made with bamboo from sustainable forests
Is easy to collect bread crumbs for recipes


Needs to be washed by hand

Villa Acacia Wood Bread Board

Villa Acacia Wood Bread Board - 12 x 7 in Handcrafted Wooden Cutting Board Slicer Tray with Handle
  • Elegant Design - This beautiful 12 inch x 7 inch bread board will enhance the aesthetic of your kitchen while also offering all the functionality of a serving tray and cutting board combined.
  • Durable - Handcrafted from 100% premium acacia wood, these bread slicer boards are strong enough to last a lifetime, but soft enough to not damage your knives.
  • Sustainable - Feel good about purchasing this sustainably sourced acacia wood cutting board for bread. We never use treated or reclaimed wood, second cuts or unsafe finishes for your peace of mind.
  • Easy Care - Acacia wood has naturally moisture-resistant properties that will keep your bread cutting boards free from harmful buildup. To clean your slicer tray, simply rinse by hand and protect with mineral oil.
  • Versatile - Perfect for prepping or serving, this loaf slicer board is great for serving appetizers, cutting cake, chopping food, or displaying home decor. It also makes a great charcuterie board!

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The acacia cutting board has an elegant design. It is 12” by 7” inches, so it has plenty of room for any loaf of bread. It is attractive and functional at the same time. The top has slats and slips off to reveal the crumb tray underneath.
This bread cutting board is durable, and it is made from 100% premium acacia wood. It is strong enough to last, yet soft enough that it won’t damage your knives. The wood is sustainably sourced, and it isn’t treated, reclaimed, or unsafe in any way.
It is easy to care for this cutting board. Acacia wood is moisture-resistant, so you won’t have a buildup of liquids or oils. You can clean it easily by rinsing it and protecting it with mineral oil. It can be used to prep and serve your bread, as well as many other items.

12” x 7”
Handcrafted wooden cutting board
Slicer tray


Is sourced from sustainable acacia wood
Is durable yet won’t harm your knives
Can be used for prepping and serving
Has elegant design


Needs to be maintained with mineral oil

Ironwood Gourmet Nesting Bread Board with Crumb Catcher

Ironwood Gourmet Nesting Bread Board with Crumb Catcher, 10.25 x 14.75 x 0.75 inches
  • PREMIUM ACACIA WOOD known for its rich colors with beautiful contrasting patterns and variations from light to dark acacia wood.
  • CATCH YOUR CRUMBS: This bread board features a convenient nesting crumb catcher that can be easily removed for cleaning.
  • SERVE AND SLICE IN STYLE: This spectacular design is not only a gorgeous complement to any dinner table, but also has convenient slots that allow for precise cutting and serving breads. Also functions great as a cheese or sandwich board!
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Simple wash with warm soapy water and air dry so that it may serve you well for many years to come.
  • MEASUREMENTS: This board weighs 2.2 pounds and has dimensions of 0.1 x 0.1 x 0.1 inches

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The Ironwood Gourmet nesting bread board is made with acacia wood, which is known for its beautiful patterns. The top cutting board nests into the tray crumb catcher, and it is easy to remove it for cleaning. You can save your crumbs for a recipe or throw them away.
It is easy to use for slicing bread, chopping, and serving. It is also easy to maintain. You just wash it with warm soapy water to clean it, and then dry it with a clean towel. It is large enough to hold most loaves of bread, and it is safe and durable.


Is made of attractive, durable acacia wood
Nests over a crumb catcher that is easy to remove
Is useful for slicing and serving bread
Is easy to maintain and clean


More expensive than other brands

Relaxdays Bamboo Bread Cutting Board + Removable Crumb Catcher

Relaxdays Bamboo Bread Cutting Board + Removable Crumb Catcher, Brown
  • Bamboo chopping board - Renewable, sustainable material with special characteristics - Bamboo boards are very durable and hygienic, thanks to their density
  • The cutting board provides ample space for a loaf of bread, for baguettes, rolls or ciabatta bread - Size of board: 3 x 37 x 21.5 cm - Size of crumb tray: 3 x 29 x 20 cm
  • Bamboo cutting boards are easy to clean - Simply wipe it with a damp cloth and mild dish soap and allow it to dry completely to prevent warping and swelling
  • With its natural, warm look the bamboo board looks great on any table - It is both food-safe and blade-protective and is highly long-lasting
  • No more crumbs on your table or countertop - The practical crumb tray catches crumbs directly, and can be removed and shaken out to get rid of them

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The Relaxdays bamboo bread cutting board has a removable crumb catcher, and it is made of renewable, sustainable material. Bamboo is both durable and hygienic, and it is dense and strong. This cutting board is large enough for most loaves of bread, and you can save your crumbs or throw them away.
It is easy to maintain and care for this cutting board. You just wipe it down with warm water and mild dish soap. Then, make sure that you dry it completely so that it won’t warp or swell. It is attractive and will look great as a serving piece or sitting on your kitchen counter.


Is made of sustainable bamboo
Is attractive and durable
Is safe for food and won’t damage your knife
Stores crumbs in the tray below


More expensive than other options

Tips for Using a Bread Cutting Board

If you choose a bread cutting board made of wood, you should not put it in the dishwasher. You will want to hand wash it with mild soap and warm water. It is also very important to make sure that you dry it completely before you put it away.
You should use a cutting board that is just for bread to avoid cross contamination from other foods. Another reason to use a bread cutting board is that it often comes with a crumb tray, so you can save your bread crumbs or keep the area clean. When you use a bread cutting board, you are likely to get more uniform slices as well.
You definitely want to use wood as the material, and you have different choices. Bamboo and acacia wood are popular because they are durable and won’t damage your knives. This is important because it needs to be strong enough to slice your bread but flexible enough to protect your knives.

Why Is Wood the Best Material for Bread Boards?

Wood is the ideal material for a bread cutting board because it is strong and still porous and flexible enough to protect your knife blades. Wood also has self-healing properties, so the grains and fibers close after a cut.
Plastic is the second choice in materials; the primary plastics used are polyethylene or polyvinyl acetate. These materials are strong enough to use, and they are still gentle on the knives. They are popular because they are lighter and come in a variety of colors, and they are easy to clean. However, a wood cutting board is always better for bread.
There are also rubber cutting boards, which are more common on cooking shows or in restaurants. They are strong and durable but safe for knives. Rubber also has self-healing properties. However, rubber can’t handle heat because it will melt.
Bamboo is an excellent material because it is hard and resistant to scarring and moisture. It is renewable, and it is also very attractive. You can use it to cut bread and then serve it. That’s why it is a great choice. Although it is often categorized with wood, it is technically a strong grass.

Final Words

When you are choosing the best bread cutting board, you should look for something durable and gentle on the knives. It should have a tray to catch crumbs, and it should be attractive and large enough to use for any loaf of bread.