Best Toaster Oven of 2022: Complete Reviews with Comparison

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When it comes to kitchen appliances, toaster ovens are an example of not knowing how much you need them until you get used to them. They take up a small space in your kitchen and replace other devices such as a toaster and an air fryer. The cook time is also shortened more so when using the convection setting.

You can also toast bagels and bread using them and cook roast vegetables and whole chickens.

Until you own one of the top toaster ovens, you will not fully realize the versatility of this miniature appliance in your kitchen. This guide looks at some of the best toaster ovens today and how they can refresh your culinary and kitchen experience.

Toaster Oven Reviews

Black+Decker TO1313SBD Toaster Oven

BLACK+DECKER 4-Slice Toaster Oven, TO1756SB, Even Toast, 4 Cooking Functions Bake, Broil, Toast and Keep Warm, Removable Crumb Tray, Timer
  • 9” Pizza, 4 Slices of Bread - The compact toaster oven fits nicely on the countertop, while the curved interior makes room for 9” pizzas and 4 slices of bread.
  • Four Functions - The stainless steel toaster oven’s cooking functions include: baking, broiling, toasting, and keeping food warm
  • 30-Minute Timer - The timer includes precise toast settings and stay-on functionality.
  • Removable Crumb Tray - Keep the toaster oven clean with the convenient removable crumb tray.
  • Dimensions: 16.4 x 11.3 x 9.4 Inches

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The Black and Decker oven shows a consistent and average performance across the board. As per our testing, it gained a mean score of 50, just the definition of moderate. Although it’s an average toaster oven, the Black and Decker TO1313SBD has a lot to offer.

Product Highlights

The Toaster Oven is a dependable workhorse that performs all of the functions you would expect of a toaster oven with remarkable consistency.

In comparison to competitor brands, Black and Decker has a significantly lower price. Its ability to offer every functionality you might need at a reduced price makes it a definite contender for the best toaster oven title.

The Good

Compared to other brands, the performance of the Black and Decker Countertop Convection oven offers excellent value if you are budget conscious. However, when it comes to baking, the appliance scored a strong six on our test. This places it right amid the highest-scoring models that scored a nine and lower models that scored a 4.

Black and Decker’s usage presents you with every cooking functionality available with more expensive brands, though with slightly reduced performance and at a significantly lower cost. We felt the appliance is a compromise of the expensive models in its ease of use. As per our tests, it got a score of 4 on ease of use. This puts in almost at the bottom of our metric that ranges between 3 and 9.

The Bad

During our Black and Decker test, the appliance churned out gooey and quite soft cookies. Though you might love the gooey and soft, we had the feeling that the cookies might be rather a little too gooey and soft. We cannot refer to them as undercooked, but you could make much crispier cookies on the outside and gooey inside with a different oven. The cookies from the oven were, however, still incredibly irresistible to turn down.


  • Consistency in toasting bread is guaranteed with every batch
  • Excellently bakes potatoes
  • Can broil really well
  • Cake baking capability of full-size ovens
  • Convection cooking ability
  • All the accessories are safe for the dishwasher
  • A thorough manual is available, having charts


  • Toaster oven heats up when being used
  • Fitting six bread slices in the oven is a challenge
  • It cannot automatically shut off without setting the timer

COMFEE Toaster Oven Countertop

COMFEE Toaster Oven Countertop, 4-Slice, Compact Size, Easy to Control with Timer-Bake-Broil-Toast Setting, 1000W, Stainless Steel, CFO-BC10(SS)
  • Space Saver - Compact and versatile design fits nicely on any countertop.
  • 3 Functions in 1 - Bake, broil, and a toast to satisfy your daily cooking needs
  • Control Console - Two easy-to-use dials to control temperature (150°F - 450°F) and cooking modes.
  • Built in Timer - The 30 min timer includes precise toast shade preference and stay-on feature for longer baking tasks.
  • Easy to Clean - Nonstick, detachable crumb tray makes cleaning effortless

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Due to the compact size of the COMFEE Toaster Oven Countertop, it is the ideal option to buy if you love to cook but space is a limiting factor in your kitchen. It is a device that does not take up a lot of space.

Product Highlights

You can easily place the toaster oven inside your studio apartment, vacation home, or office! Thanks to the light weight of this appliance, it is most fitting for students since it is easily portable. Though the toaster oven lacks a wide array of functions, all the essential ones are available, making it able to cook the majority of the dishes you desire to try.

The product’s Comfee CFO-CC2501 variant will be perfect if your family is small and not on the move too often. The large capacity of the appliance is ideal when preparing food for a maximum of five people. Additionally, the convection fan is a fantastic addition that will cater to every need of savory food fans.

The Good

The oven offers you four cooking functionalities, which are bake, convection, broil, and toast. Select toast for toasting garlic bread or making the bagels you very much love, waffles, and English muffins.

The broiling capability is awesome for vegetables and meat, mozzarella sticks, chicken nuggets, mini quiches, as well as egg rolls. But, of course, it depends on what you crave.

A convection fan allows hot air circulation within your oven and ensures heat delivery to all the corners in the cavity. With this, cooking is faster, and browning and baking become more even compared to using a traditional oven.

There are three dials for absolute control. With the upper dial, you can control the temperature, while the middle dial gives you control of the cooking modes. The lower dial, on the other hand, has an accurate 60-minute timer with a stay-on mode to enable extended baking time.

By selecting your preferred color, you can get the ideal toast slice. The toaster oven also features a detachable crumb tray along with a non-stick inner surface. Both of these may be cleaned using a damp piece of cloth.

Having a temperature range of between 150 and 450 degrees Fahrenheit, the convection oven of this toaster can do just about anything. From broiling to toasting your foods. The 60-minute timer ensures you get notified once your food is done. Since the oven is large, fitting an entire 12-inch pizza is possible.

The Bad

Only a single temperature range is available with the bake mode, between 400 degrees and 425 degrees. It also utilizes the lower heating elements. Setting the unit to a 150 – 450 degree temperature range, both the upper and lower heating elements are used, not really baking. You cannot use the oven if you intend to bake something requiring a temperature range between 350 to 375 degrees.


  • Easy and effortless clean-up with the detachable, non-stick crumb tray
  • Built-in timer
  • Versatile and compact design that sits well on countertops
  • 3-in-1 functions; broil, toast, and bake
  • Operation is easy


  • The door does not lay entirely down as you open it

Hamilton Beach Toastation 2-Slice Toaster and Oven Combo

Hamilton Beach Toastation 2-Slice Toaster and Oven Combo, Extra Wide Slots, Shade Selector, Baking Pan, 1500 Watts, Black (22723)
  • MORE COOKING VERSATILITY IN LESS SPACE Easily switch from 2 slice toaster to toaster oven for 2-in-1 cooking versatility
  • FASTER MORE EVEN TOASTING The top slot of the oven toaster combo toasts more than 50 percent faster than the leading toaster oven when toasting sliced bread
  • BAKE, KEEP WARM, AND TOAST FUNCTIONS The toaster oven combo is perfect for appetizers, pizza, chicken nuggets, French fries and more.
  • EXTRA-WIDE TOP TOASTING SLOT The toaster oven with 2 slice toaster can comfortably fit bagels or artisan breads
  • TOAST SHADE SELECTOR: Choose how light or dark you want your toast made in the Toaststation with the shade selector

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Do you have the desire to toast bread or a bagel? No problem. Want to bake pizza or a small chicken? Go ahead. With a toaster oven, you can now bake without having to turn on the regular oven, thereby saving energy.

As a bonus, this toaster oven from Hamilton Beach includes a baking pan, detachable crumb tray, and broil grill; you get to toast, bake or broil in no time.

Product Highlights

The Hamilton Beach Toastation 2-Slice Toaster and Oven Combo is arguably at the top of kitchen convenience. The handy appliance is capable of broiling, baking, and toasting your beloved delicacies. In addition, the compact toast oven occupies less space on the counter, making it superb for reduced kitchen spaces or working areas.

The Good

This condensed toaster and oven combo allow you to cook pizza or toast golden brown slices of bread with a crispy and tender crust in reduced time. The automatic shut-off and temperature controls heighten the Toastation convenience. In addition, the removal of the detachable crumb tray eases the cleaning process.

The toaster and oven combo can toast up to 24% faster compared to major toaster ovens. In addition, your precooked chicken nuggets can be reheated using the appliance whereby 73% less energy is used than in an oven.

This is done in half the room offered by similar competitor toasters. The top bread slots are extra wide and fit two bread slices, English muffin halves, or bagels.

The Bad

The complete oven shell heats up really badly when in use. You might need to place it away from cabinets or walls since the room might heat up. Also, insulating for the oven’s heat could come in handy.


  • Fast reheating
  • Different color varieties
  • Ideal for baking
  • It is affordable


  • The toasting time is long
  • It has a small capacity

Dash Clear View Toaster

DASH Clear View Toaster - Compact Design with 7 Browning Levels & Clear-View Window, Extra-Wide Slot Large Toaster, 1-Touch Defrost, Reheat & Bagel Functions - Easy Clean Up Crumb Tray (Aqua)
  • CLEAR VIEW TOASTER: Our DASH Clear View Toaster accommodates a variety of specialty breads and baked goods in the extra-wide chamber. Perfect for bagels, waffles, and other breakfast favorites.
  • PERFECT RESULTS: This long slot toaster creates perfect toast every time with its 7 browning levels and clear-view window. It also includes an auto-shut off feature, and 1-touch defrost, reheat, and bagel functions.
  • SPACE SAVING: Our long slice toaster is not just the perfect size, it's also designed to save space in your kitchen. Its compact and sleek design makes it a perfect addition to any kitchen counter.
  • EASY CLEAN: Quick breakfast preparation is possible with this compact and modern toaster. The crumb tray and glass window slide out for convenience, making it an easy to clean toaster.
  • INCLUDES: DASH Clear View Toaster, 1-Year Manufacturer Warranty, Recipe Guide

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The Dash Clear View Toaster has an innovative design making it stand out among the toasters we are reviewing today. Unlike most toasters that have a solid case enclosure, this toaster has a wide front glass panel.

Product Highlights

You can see as your bread gets darker with each passing second. Nonetheless, prior to purchasing the toaster only because of the glass, bear in mind that the freshness might wear off.

Once you get used to the toaster, there will be no need to check the toast. With time, you will establish the perfect toasting setting for bread slices without checking it throughout the cooking process.

The Dash Clear View DVTS501RD toaster utilizes a unique heating element. Instead of thin wires stretching along the wall, the toaster has two prominent elements at the bottom of every side. With the design, the bread can evenly toast with reduced bar marks. The toaster put up a good performance during our consistency and evenness performance tests. It also toasted frozen bread and bagels well.

The Good

The Dash Clear View DVTS501RD toaster is a rare and eye-catching toaster, thanks to the glass design. Though the design is associated with a couple of disadvantages, its toasting performance proved to be better than average as we tested it. Take the toaster to be a conversation piece in the kitchen as it allows you to watch your slices of bread while drinking your morning cup of tea.

Not only can you toast, but you can also reheat, and defrost with single touch buttons that enable the diversification of your breakfast menu. With the extra width of the slot, you can toast bagels, waffles, and specialty bread in a snap.

With the clear view window and seven levels of browning, you can perfect your toast. The automatic shut-off prevents overheating. The glass window and crumb tray can slide out, making clean-up easy and quick. The outer surfaces on their part can be wiped clean.

This appliance is an ideal new home or wedding gift mainly because of its reduced size taking up small counter space. In addition, the trendy color variants and sleek design match all kitchen decor.

You also get a warranty, one year long, in addition to the included access to the recipe database and a recipe book.

The Bad

You would expect the toaster to have sufficient depth to toast an entire standard loaf of bread. However, it is only an eighth deeper and lacks the lift higher feature, making retrieving the slice challenging. In addition, the width ought to be a little wider as thick slices and bagels have to be squeezed in.


  • The observation glass enables you to see as the bread becomes toasted
  • Crumb tray may slide out
  • It offers seven levels of browning


  • Only a single slot is available with the toaster

Elite Gourmet EHD-051B Toaster Oven

Elite Gourmet EHD-051B Hot Dog Toaster Oven, 30-Min Timer, Stainless Steel Heat Rollers Bake & Crumb Tray, World Series Baseball, 4 Bun Capacity, Black
  • Five stainless steel heated rollers great for cooking hot dogs or sausages on all sides
  • 30 min oven timer
  • Oil Retaining Tray catches oil drippings from cooking hot dogs
  • Great for heating other breads & snacks too.
  • Features 210 total watts of power, auto thermostat, timer, bake tray, crumb tray that removes for easy cleaning, see through oven door and compact design

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The Elite toaster oven redefines the hot dog experience. It uses stainless steel rollers to cook your hot dogs evenly. In addition, the oven’s inbuilt toaster makes the bun perfect.

Product Highlights

This versatile unit makes the preparation of various snacks and bread possible within your kitchen walls. This toaster oven combo boasts five stainless steel roller grills that ensure hot dogs get evenly cooked. In addition, an aluminum tray cooks snacks and warms buns.

The Good

Featured in the toaster is a transparent oven door with a cool-touch handle. It also has heat indicators, a rolling grill, and a 30-minute timer with bell alert and automatic shut-off to prevent overcooking. The detachable aluminum grease tray allows easy cleaning while the dust cover maintains the rollers’ cleanliness while in storage.

The mentioned stainless-steel rollers are ideal for cooking sausages and hot dogs on all sides. In addition, the oven’s oil retaining tray traps oil droppings from hot dogs. Other features of this appliance include a power rating of 210 watts, a timer, auto thermostat, removable crumb cray, bake tray, and a compact design.

The Bad

Though a timer dial on the notch indicates its position, seeing it in a dimly lit room is a challenge. The numbers are also relatively small, and turning the dial is somewhat hard. Lastly, it is not clear that the roller is turned on using the switch.


  • It has an oven timer of 30 minutes
  • Affordable for most people
  • The buns are heated nicely and can cook four hotdogs
  • Oil drippings coming from hotdogs cooking are caught by the oil retaining tray
  • Fantastic for heating snacks and other bread


  • Shutting off the timer is impossible; you have to allow it to run its course
  • Cooking differs for different rollers, with those further towards the front cooking more
  • Cleaning is a challenge

Toaster Oven Buyer’s Guide

There are various factors to consider, such as your kitchen space, meal sizes, and the type of foods you want to cook when planning to buy a toaster oven.

It should be an option that suits your particular kitchen requirements and gives you good value for your money. So how do you know which toaster oven is the most suitable for you and your family? We’ve got you covered.

You must be aware of your needs and what to search for. Below, we offer insight into what you should consider before choosing a toaster oven.

Types of Toasters

Toaster ovens are becoming a trend in most kitchens, thanks to their ability to crisp and cook various foods with less oil. One of the most popular types is known as an air fryer oven, which usually provides a greater capacity compared to conventional air fryers. It also uses less counter space, making it ideal for smaller kitchens. These multi-function devices provide broiling, baking, dehydrating, rotisserie, and toasting options on top of air frying.


Temperature and cooking instructions vary according to the manufacturer. Though we had a constant temperature and cooking times for various brands, the results were closely similar with no significant change in taste. The difference between air fryers goes down to their convenience and your personal preferences. Some of the most popular brands include COSORI, Chefman, Emeril Lagasse, Black+Decker, and Hamilton Beach.

Capacity and Size

You can get air fry toaster ovens in two sizes, medium or large. Before you buy, ensure your countertop has enough room for it. The greater your oven’s capacity, the larger and greater its weight will be. Finding an ideal fit is not that much of a challenge.

Usually, medium units have capacities ranging from 0.6 to 0.8 cubic feet. The interior has enough room to hold 4 to 6 toast slices, a 12-inch pizza, or a whole rotisserie chicken. Compared to the larger options, they weigh less, are more compact, and cleaning is more manageable.

If you intend to use this oven for big dinner celebrations, units with capacities of 1 to 1.2 cubic feet are ideal. The ovens will provide you with enough space to accommodate 8 to 9 toast slices, a 13-inch pizza, a 12-cup tray of muffins, or a 14-pound turkey.

Cooking Features

The five primary functions of general air fry toaster ovens include baking, toasting, reheating, air frying, and broiling. Therefore, if your only desire were to toast bread, heat pizza, fry potatoes, and bake cookies, considering these models would be wise.

If you desire greater functionality than what is offered by basic toaster ovens, like dehydrating or slow cooking functionality, you may have to go for a unit with a higher price.


You may have to part ways with about $200 to get a good air fryer toaster oven. Each product’s quality often matches the amount spent on it; the higher the price, the greater the unit’s reliability.


How to choose a toaster oven?

Go for an oven with various cook settings. Some features may be found only on expensive models. Pick a toaster oven with a broil setting if you regularly cook meat. Choose one with convection heating if you want to cook more food using reduced energy quickly.

How to use a toaster oven?

First, put the bread slices inside the cooking rack at the center. For toaster ovens that have dial functions, put it on “Toast”. Then set the temperature and make sure the timer is set.

How to clean a toaster oven tray?

Soapy water and a sponge can be used when cleaning the tray of the toaster oven. First, gently scrub off the baked-on stubborn residue and grease. If it is impossible to remove this build-up using the sponge, soak the tray in soapy water for a couple of hours. Then scrub the tray using the sponge again and rinse properly. Dry after rinsing.

What is a toaster oven?

Toaster ovens are small variations of the traditional oven range. Its cooking may resemble an oven’s but is accomplished in a shorter period. Toaster ovens also lack the quick cook time of a microwave. Nonetheless, a wide variety of cooking methods can be accomplished for different foods.

What can you cook in a toaster oven?

Using your toaster oven, you can come up with awesome creations. The following are some delicacies you can get from a toaster oven:

  • Toasted bacon
  • Roast chicken
  • Miso-glazed salmon
  • Peppers and sausage
  • Cornbread pan


Several toaster ovens are available with an air frying rack/basket, while others have rotisseries spits or pizza stones. Some feature interior lights that help to see inside the oven without having to open the door. Features and sizes are among the most significant determining factors in the cost of toaster convection ovens. If you are looking for a cost-efficient option, then you could go for the Black & Decker Countertop Toaster Convection Oven.

Since preheating is not required in the majority of toaster ovens, they are ideal during the months of summer when you do not wish to have your whole kitchen heat up by a convectional full-sized oven. Energy Star also says they are energy efficient and can use up to 50% less energy than a conventional oven.