Brioche and Croissant: What Is the Difference?

Brioche and Croissant

French cuisine is rich and delicious. It is notorious for being buttery and flaky, perfect for enjoying with a cup of tea or coffee. You have likely had both croissants and brioche before, but do you know how to tell the difference? Both have great qualities that you would expect from French pastries but are … Read more

What Does a Soaker Do for Bread?

What Does a Soaker Do for Bread

Some bread recipes call for kibbled (cracked) grains and seeds, which give the bread a distinct flavor and coarse grain texture. These grains and seeds also provide additional health advantages by providing more fiber, vitamins, and minerals that can only be found in whole grains. When you include these sorts of components in your sourdough, … Read more

Too Much Oil in Bread Dough: Four Clever Solutions

oil in bread dough

There are frustrating times when you misread a recipe, or simply spill a bottle, and end up with too much oil in your bread dough. To sort out those problems, you’ve got a few great options! We’ve done some research to find the best ways, so let’s talk about them! Too much oil in bread … Read more

How Do You Transfer Sourdough To a Dutch Oven?

How Do You Transfer Sourdough To Dutch Oven

There are certainly some benefits to using a Dutch oven to bake the perfect sourdough, but there are also some skills and techniques needed in order to use it safely and effectively. One of the main issues is transferring the dough into the Dutch oven, as this pot has deep sides with little room to … Read more

How Can I Toast a Bagel Without a Toaster?

Toast a Bagel Without a Toaster

Eating a toasted bagel for breakfast is a great way to start the day, in part because few things are as crispy and chewy as a bagel. In fact, bagels can be one of the most versatile foods you eat first thing in the morning, mainly because you can put anything on them you like. … Read more

Can You Refreeze Bagels?

Can You Refreeze Bagels

They’re great with smoked salmon, dill, and cream cheese, they’re delicious with cheese, bacon, egg, and sausage, they go incredibly well with chicken, marinara, and melted mozzarella cheese, and they’re really bought to life when toasted. Yep, we are of course talking about bagels. There are plenty of baked goods for us to choose from … Read more

What Does Milk Do to Bread Dough?

what does milk do to bread dough

People say that ‘carbs are life’ and when you think of carbs, it’s impossible not to think of bread. Bread makes all of life’s pains feel better. Bread doesn’t judge us, bread won’t shout at us, bread won’t betray us, it will simply continue to taste delicious, light, soft, fluffy, and heavenly, especially served warm … Read more

Can Pizza Yeast Be Used for Bread?

Can Pizza Yeast Be Used for Bread

Bread may be one of the world’s oldest staple foods, and while there are many simple bread recipes out there, there are also plenty of complex bread recipes which can be adapted in a whole host of different ways. From, the spices and seasonings you use, to the type of oil used and the amount … Read more

Is Sourdough Bread Low Carb?

Is Sourdough Bread Low Carb

Sourdough bread is essentially made with two ingredients – flour and water. Some people add a little salt as well, but the point is that making sourdough bread requires a very simple recipe that anyone can follow. Sourdough bread is yummy and chewy, but if you’re a vegan or on a keto diet, you might … Read more