What is the best small bread machine?

What is the best small bread machine?

Looking for the best small bread machine?

  • Zojirushi BB-SSC10  is our best pick for small bread machine
  • T-fal PF311 is our top pick for most versatile small bread machine
  • Oster CKSTBRTW20 Expressbake is our pick for most lightweight small bread machine
  • Hamilton Beach Homebaker is our pick for most budget friendly small bread machine
  • Sunbeam 5891 is our pick for most heavy duty small bread machine
  • SKG Automatic Mini Breadmaker is the best overall small bread machine
  • Small bread machines are convenient, affordable, and currently popular
  • This bread machine is the ideal choice for someone looking for a high quality, yet compact, kitchen appliance

No kitchen space? No problem!

Maybe you have plenty of kitchen space but you just don’t have a need for a family sized bread machine.

There are plenty of high quality, small bread machines that you can buy that won’t break the bank.

In doing research for this article, we not only looked at the size of these bread machines, we looked at their quality and durability also.

Best Small Bread Machines

1) Zojirushi BB-SSC10 – The Bread and Buzz Number Top Pick

Zojirushi BB-SSC10WZ Home Bakery Maestro Breadmaker, Premium White

The Zojirushi BB-SSC10 is hands down our top choice for the best small bread machine category.

This bread machine is one of Zojirushi’s newer models and considered an upgrade to the Zojirushi BB-HAC10, which has been a bestselling mini bread makers for almost 20 years or so!

This newer Zojirushi BB-SSC10 model comes with some interesting features that the older model didn’t have.

For example, it has an auto-add dispenser for fruit, nuts, and seeds. And it now comes with dedicated courses for baking gluten-free bread, salt-free bread, sugar-free bread, and vegan bread to accommodate people with special dietary needs.

This bread machine bakes a 1-pound loaf. It’s hard to beat the quality of bread from a Zojirushi appliance so if you’re looking for the absolute best bread machine to accommodate your smaller needs, this is the one for you.

2) T-fal PF311

T-fal ActiBread Bread Maker, Bread Machine with Stainless Steel Housing, LCD Display, 2-Pound, Silver, Model PF311E

T-fal is known for producing high quality kitchen appliances, and this small bread machine is no different!

The T-fal PF311 bakes a 1-, 1.5-, and 2-pound loaf so it’s perfect for singles, couples, or small families.

There are many settings on this bread machine including salt-free bread, sweet bread, and wholemeal bread, along with some gluten free settings.

This is a versatile bread machine and, while it doesn’t have a dispenser or make as good a bread as the Zojirush, this would be a good pick for any budget-minded baker.

3) Oster CKSTBRTW20

Oster Bread Maker | Expressbake, 2-Pound Loaf

The Oster CKSTBRTW20 has a 2-pound loaf capacity yet weighs only 8 pounds. This bread machine is a bestseller for a reason.

It’s one of the most reasonably priced bread machines and still does a great job of baking bread. It’s one of the best value bread machines out there.

Even though it doesn’t weight alot, it feels sturdy and will not tip over!

4) Hamilton Beach HomeBaker 29881/29882

Hamilton Beach 29882 2 lb Non-Stick Bread Maker Programmable and Dishwasher Safe, Includes 2 Kneading Paddles, Black

This Hamilton Beach HomeBaker 29881/29882 makes a 1.5 and 2-pound loaf. It’s a little on the heavy side for its size as it weighs 15 pounds, but that also means it won’t slide around the kitchen counter when operating.

It’s an awesome little machine that has an equally awesome little price tag. For those wanting a small budget machine to make gluten-free bread, you will be happy to know that it comes with a gluten-free mode.

Although it doesn’t have a dispenser, there is an audible reminder for adding in fruit and nut. Considering all of this, it’s a decent, budget friendly choice.

5) Sunbeam 5891

Sunbeam Programmable Bread Maker, 2 Pound, White (005891-000-000)

Last but not least is the Sunbeam 5891 Bread Machine. It bakes both a 1.5 and a 2 pound loaf. It features a large viewing window at the top along with a nice LCD display and an express baking function.

This bread machine bakes bread in under ONE HOUR!

It’s a heavy machine that tips the scale at 18.6 pounds, so it’s practically guaranteed to not slide off of your kitchen counter.

6) SKG Automatic Mini Bread Maker

The SKG Automatic Mini Breadmaker is a powerful little machine that bakes loaves in two sizes, 1 pound and .75 pounds.
It has 19 menu options and a 15 hour delay timer, along with an automatic “keep warm” function.
This is a powerful little machine that is easy to clean, makes little loaves, and comes with a reasonable price tag.

It’a a must when looking at small bread machines!

Final thoughts on the Best Small Bread Machine

There are plenty of options on the market. In this article we listed size of the best small bread machines that are currently available. You can’t go wrong with any of them, still, the Zojirushi is probably the highest end bread machine available and is a high quality appliance that won’t do you wrong.